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Children Get Reading Help With Dogs Holding the Page

Pinned on September 15, 2012 at 4:12 pm by Dog Health

Children Get Reading Help With Dogs Holding the Page


How we love it to hear of dogs holding down pages for early readers who having difficulities. The image of these lovable dogs with a big paw holding down a page and looking at the child and just sitting alongside them is just so cute and so good for the results it all brings

Therapy dogs help early readers at library

Mint Hill Times

"Teresa Faucette is a Therapy Dogs International volunteer and an experienced dog trainer. She believes dogs provide health and emotional benefits for humans, and she wants to spread those benefits to as many people as she can. Her sheltie, Max, is a …Mint Hill Times"


The assistance of dogs in so many areas from dogs for the blind and dogs for those who are severely disabled and now for children to read and also to include the presence of dogs in elderly care homes is just wonderful. The dog as an animal has developed over a million years to be closely connected to the human species and their undying devotion to us is so wonderful.


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